Review! The Rain Trilogy by B.B. Easton

When you’re three days away from the apocalypse, there’s not much to look forward to.

What’s a girl to do when it feels like the world around you is ending – well you read a dystopian/post-apocalyptic trilogy! Okay, so I realize the timing may be strange to turn to a book about the world ending, but I thought “hey – maybe if this one’s got a happy ending, there’s hope for us too”. Now, these books were released prior to all this coronavirus craziness but, without giving any spoilers, it’s really creepy how familiar the events of this book were given the current state of the world. It was interesting to see the parallels between this book and real-life (never thought I’d be making that comparison!) but I think current events really helped me to empathize with the plight of these characters. It certainly made me appreciate this story even more!

The story is fast-paced and moves quickly from one book to the next, I opted not to pause at the end of each one to write a review, so this review is meant to cover the entire story. It’s three days before the end of the world and Rainbow “Rain” Williams is ready to die. It’s the only way she can think to escape the horrors of her recent past. Wes Parker has endured a whole multitude of terrible things over the course of his life and he isn’t about to let something like the apocalypse stop him now. When his path crosses with Rain, a man determined to live and a girl content with dying, together they end up learning how to live.

I thought these characters were very well written, I felt for both of them. They had very different experiences in their lives but the circumstances in which they met formed a fast and strong bond between them. I enjoyed the push and pull and they had really great chemistry together. There are plenty of twists and turns this series takes as Rain and Wes try to fight their way to a happily ever after. I loved uncovering all the secrets and learning the truth behind the pending apocalypse. The resulting fallout was exciting and dangerous and will absolutely have you flipping the pages!

Maybe you prefer to wait until it feels like our world isn’t ending to read a story about the world ending or maybe you’ll be like me and dive in anyway – either way, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this trilogy!

All I wanted to do was stay numb and die.
All Wes wanted was someone to help him survive.
But somehow, together, we figured out how to live.

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