In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Well, this book was a pure delight! When I first thought of reading a holiday novel now, I thought it might be too early – it’s not even Halloween after all. But then I remembered it’s 2020 and figured who cares if it’s only October? This world can take all the holiday cheer it can get right now – so if you want to give me a sweet, charming, light-hearted holiday romance right now – I say, bring it on!

Maelyn Jones cherishes her family’s tradition of gathering at a cabin with two other families as they’ve done every year for as long as she can remember but this year everything seems to be falling apart. She’s unhappy with her job and current living arrangements, she may have just put the final nail in the coffin of her long-time crush, and the family friends who own the cabin inform everyone they are planning on selling. Driving away for the final time, Maelyn sends up a wish to the universe to help show her what will make her happy. Seconds later a Christmas tree truck collides with her family’s car and everything goes black. The next thing she knows, Maelyn wakes up on the same plane from 6 days ago, heading back to the cabin in Utah. Stuck in this crazy time loop, she’s got to figure out what the universe is trying to show her so she can somehow break the loop. Will she finally figure out what’ll make her happiest or will she bungle everything beyond repair?

I really had such fun reading this book. I think it could easily have played out as a movie, the cabin, the setting, and this dynamic cast of characters jumped off the pages. I loved the concept of being stuck in the time loop. It was like a Christmas version of Groundhog Day. The romance was sweet and everything you’d look for in a holiday love story. But perhaps my favorite part was “being there” with this family-by-choice as they spent time together and enjoyed their holiday traditions. Each character had their unique quirks that combined into such a fun bunch. In a year like 2020 when tradition and family time has been threatened, it meant a lot to me to get to experience it even in a fictional manner. It made me long to be swept away to this charming cabin and build snow creatures with Maelyn and her family. So even though I first thought it might be too early to read a holiday novel, it turned out to be just the thing I needed now!

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