Review! Fallen by Mia Sheridan

“The world is a fallen place, draped in darkness. Some men are tasked by God to keep that darkness at bay.”

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been an odd year for a variety of reasons – a big one being the quarantine due to Covid. One’s mind can go to strange places when you’re locked away from the rest of the world and I think this book is proof of that. This is NOT at all like Mia Sheridan’s other books but, man, was it still good! Like ridiculously good. Mia Sheridan’s got a dark side and I’m so here for it!

Alternating between the past (13 years ago) and present, this book tells the story of Lilith House and the town of Farrow and the horrors that are hidden within. Scarlett Lattimore purchases Lilith House, an old reform school for wayward girls, and moves in with her young daughter to transform the old mansion into her dream business and start a new life for both of them. Between the strange sounds in the walls, the legend of horned monsters roaming the woods, and the mysterious townsfolk she meets – she’s beginning to question her decision. She also has a personal connection to the house since it’s where her troubled friend was sent and attempted to escape from but was never heard from again. When the past and present collide, the true evil of Lilith House will finally be exposed.

This book was a marathon, not a sprint, it’s a loooong one but I think we needed that time to build the mystery and paint the picture of Scarlett’s friend, Kandace’s time at Lilith House. The things that went on at that house, a supposed reform school, were truly horrific. And just when you think you’ve heard the worst of it, something else is uncovered that is even more vile. I loved trying to put the pieces together trying to figure out how what Kandace went through fit into what was happening to Scarlett in the present day. One of the people she meets is deputy sheriff Camden West who she is both attracted to and confused by. It’s clear that Camden has secrets of his own and, as she soon finds out, a surprising connection to Lilith House. In the midst of trying to solve this mystery, there’s also a sweet little love story unfolding between Scarlett and Camden – which was a much-needed respite from all the disturbing stuff going on!

This is one of those stories that keeps you guessing and keeps throwing you curveballs. As intricate as this plot was, it was tight and all the loose ends come together by the end. It sure was a change of pace from what I expect when I pick up a Mia Sheridan novel but I thought it was so well executed and I really enjoyed it!

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