In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Where do you see yourself in five years? It’s an age old question and one that’s often hard to answer. However, for lawyer Dannie Kohan she can tell you right down to the finest detail what her life will look like in five years – from her job, to her spouse, and where they will live, it’s all carefully planned and there’s nothing that will keep her from these goals. But then one night she wakes up and she’s in an unfamiliar apartment with a man she’s never met and the date on the calendar is exactly five years into the future. It may be a dream but it feels so real. Waking up back in her apartment beside her fiancé an hour later, Dannie does her best to put this strange dream/premonition behind her. She does moderately well at this until one day four and a half years later she comes face to face with the man from this vision. Suddenly, her carefully laid plans seem to be at the mercy of fate and as she soon finds out, fate can be a very hard thing to change.

Let me start by saying, this was not the story I was expecting! I wouldn’t classify it as a romance, although there is a love story here, just not the one you think it may be. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything. This story has a lot of twists and turns and ends up going in a direction that I was not totally prepared for. This was a not a tear-jerker to me but I can see how it would easily be for a lot of people. It deals with some very heavy topics!

I loved the set-up with everything going according to Dannie’s plan only to have it completely shaken up with this mysterious “dream”. How her mystery man is reintroduced into her life was another thing I wasn’t expecting. Knowing how things are supposed to ultimately turn out between him and Dannie certainly complicates things and I wasn’t sure if I should be rooting for or against them. There are a few things that happen toward the end that I wasn’t totally on board with but seeing the true path to how they get to that fateful night really put things into perspective. I thought the way it ended was clever.

Sorry for the vague review but this is a story where going in blind is your best bet. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it was an enjoyable read that’ll give you plenty to think about by the end!

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