People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

The genre for June for my 2021 Diversify Your Reading Challenge was Romance. Since that’s the genre I typically read, there wasn’t much diversification but I decided to select a book from an author I’ve never read before. This particular book kept popping up on various blogs, it sounded good and was by a new-to-me author so I picked it up on my last trip to the bookstore. I thought this was the perfect summer romance, it would be great for a beach read (which is funny because this author’s other book is titled Beach Read). If you’ve been missing traveling due to the pandemic, this story will help satisfy some of that wanderlust. 

Despite being polar opposites, Poppy and Alex have been best of friends since that fateful day they ended up sharing a car on their way home from college. They spend most of their time apart with Poppy living in NY and Alex remaining in their home town but for one week every summer for the last 10 years they reunite and take an epic summer trip. Two years ago, though, they crossed a line and seemingly ruined everything between them. Having not spoken since that fateful day, Poppy finally reaches out and invites Alex on one last summer trip in the hopes of repairing their relationship. Miraculously Alex agrees and Poppy knows this is her last shot to fix things with Alex or else she may lose him forever.

I just loved Poppy and Alex. Their friendship was so well written and there was just enough sexual tension to keep things interesting. Whether they got together romantically or not, there was no doubt that they had found “their person” in each other. Poppy was a bit of a wild child, free spirit and Alex was very grounded and loyal. On paper, they should have never been friends but something about their bond just worked. As much as this was a book about traveling and finding adventure it was just as much a book about finding your home, whether that be a place or a person. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking out for more from this author! 

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