The Sugared Game (The Will Darling Adventures #2) by K.J. Charles

I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m obsessed with The Will Darling Adventures! I absolutely loved the first book, Slippery Creatures, and this follow-up was just as good – if not even more thrilling and dangerous! This book picks up a few months after the end of Slippery Creatures and Will hasn’t seen hide nor hair of the infuriating, shifty, irresistible Kim Secretan during that time. He doesn’t expect that he ever will either because their paths would have never crossed had it not been for the situation Will found himself in and since that’s gone now, there’s no reason for Kim to turn up. But a chance visit to a shady nightclub has Will swept right back up into Kim’s world with new secrets and lies to uncover. This time, however, the danger is hitting close to home for both men and they’re going to need to find common ground and work together against their new enemies or they stand to lose everything.  

The mystery and the danger in this story were even bigger than in the first book. It built off what happened in the first book only this time things became quite personal and I loved all the twists and turns along the way. Everything played out so vividly, I could easily imagine this being a movie or a series (if anyone with any influence in those areas is seeing this review, get on it!!). I still absolutely love Will and it really speaks to his character that even after all the trouble Kim put him through (and knowing full well that he’s going to put him through more) Will agreed to help Kim again. Will was finally living comfortably and settling into his life as a bookseller but all he needed to know was that there were some bad guys who needed taking down and he was on board with whatever Kim was going to throw at him. The disparity between Will and Kim’s worlds was even more glaring in this one as Will was forced to interact more with the upper class. For as uncertain and unrefined as he felt, I loved that Will totally held his own with these people. He was just as quick to charm them as he was to defend himself against their backhanded remarks. I’ve said it before but Will is such a well-rounded character with such strong principles who would not stand for being bullied by anyone. I just love that about him. He’s also a great person to have at your back in a fight and super protective of those who are important to him.

Speaking of sticking up for himself, he once again went toe-to-toe with Kim and his tendency for dishonesty. He grows even bolder in that regard when it comes to Kim, calling him out on his crap and not letting him wriggle off the hook this time. Their relationship had some real growth over the course of this book – from both sides. We learn a lot more about why Kim acts the way he does and it really made me sympathetic toward his character. The two provide a nice balance to one another and if only Kim can stop lying long enough, I think he and Will have a real shot at something truly special. Time will tell how that all turns out, but I’m still firmly in camp Will & Kim! 

Another thing I really enjoyed about this particular book was how much more we got to know Phoebe and Maisie. Both were standout secondary characters in the first book but they took a more prominent role in this one and I just loved both ladies and their relationships with Will and Kim. They were quite the foursome and I really enjoyed seeing both their personalities shine throughout. 

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this trilogy, it’s been so much fun to read. I’m looking forward to diving right into Subtle Blood, even though I’m going to be super sad to see this series end! 

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