Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Ok, well I completely loved this book! Told entirely from the perspective of Luc O’Donnell, it was funny, sweet, heartwarming – just all the things! Luc was the son of two rock stars, who split when he was young. His father abandoned Luc and his mother before Luc was even old enough to truly know him. Nevertheless, being Jon Fleming’s son provided just enough notoriety to land Luc in the tabloids more often than he’d prefer. After one particularly compromising photo threatens to cost him his job, he finds himself in search of a socially acceptable man to pose as his boyfriend to clean up his image and save his job. Enter Oliver Blackwood, a lawyer, ethical vegetarian, and the perfect picture of a socially acceptable boyfriend. Unfortunately, Oliver can’t seem to stand even being in the same room as Luc, let alone pretending to date him. But it turns out Oliver hasn’t had the best luck with relationships and happens to need a date for an important event so he reluctantly agrees to Luc’s proposition with the agreement to part ways as soon as they’ve met their mutual obligation. You know how it goes with the fake dating, though, at some point it starts to feel pretty real and Luc finds himself actually falling for his buttoned-up fake boyfriend. But will he be able to actually keep him when all is said and done?

Luc was a fantastic narrator. That poor man was a hot mess, with very good reason. It all started with the fact that his father abandoned him and never looked back, but now all of a sudden his rock star father is making a comeback which inevitably put Luc back in the public eye. Over the years he’d been used and sold out by people who supposedly cared about him, further reinforcing his trust issues. To protect himself, he’s closed himself off and if anyone did manage to get close, he’d end up sabotaging things before they had a chance to hurt him. My heart really went out to the guy. At his core he was a really good guy and quite vulnerable, being in his head was a real treat. We got to witness his insecurities and his struggles firsthand. We also got to see the impressive growth he goes through over the course of the book.

On paper, Oliver Blackwood was the polar opposite of Luc O’Donnell but as we get to know him more we see that he may not really be as put together as it appears. I don’t know if I would go so far as calling Luc and Oliver enemies but they certainly didn’t like each other much when they first started their arrangement but it was fun seeing them slowly soften toward one another. It was subtle but it was super sweet and I loved the slow burn. Poor Luc didn’t know what to do with someone being genuinely nice to him and this resulted in more than one adorable freakout as he tried to process everything. But seeing Luc being the one to be there for Oliver when his time of need arises was such a wonderful demonstration of the growth he experienced. I was totally rooting for things to work out between them, I loved them both so much!

In addition to fantastic main characters, this book featured a whole cast of unforgettable secondary characters. From Luc’s friends to Oliver’s friends, and Luc’s outrageous co-workers – there was no shortage of quirky, interesting characters to flesh out this story. These characters provided endless comic relief and helped nudge our boys in the right direction when they lost their way. Everything about this book was just pure rom-com delight with loads of heart and I enjoyed every moment of it! I can’t wait until the follow-up, Husband Material is released later this year!

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