Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn

It’s December so that means it’s holiday romance season! First up is this new short story from Meghan Quinn. I thought it was adorable and I really enjoyed it. I love that it’s set in a neighboring town to Port Snow so we got to see a few familiar faces and places. A small, snowy town in Maine is the perfect setting for a little holiday romance.

Caleb broke Nola’s heart years ago when she moved away and he didn’t want to go with her. But now she’s back in town and Caleb isn’t sure how to feel about that. One thing he does know is that he’s in no mood to join in all the Christmas festivities around him. Caleb writes his holiday grievances in a letter he promptly throws in the trash but unbeknownst to him his local mailman fishes the letter out and delivers it to Nola. She’s pleased to find a fellow scrooge and ends up writing back and thus begins a cute exchange between these two.

Can commiserating over the things they dislike about the holiday actually get them back into the holiday spirit and, more importantly, back into each other’s lives? Get ready to laugh and swoon over this holiday delight!

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