The Christmas Deal by Keira Andrews

Time for another holiday romance! I really enjoyed this one. The setup was a little far-fetched – a fake relationship to secure a promotion at work because the new owner of the company only seems to promote people with families. Seems like grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. But let’s set that aside for a moment because even if the setup was a little out there, the payoff was really good. I very much enjoyed seeing Seth and Logan fall for one another!

Logan was down on his luck, after an accident at his last job not only was he gravely injured he was also shafted and having a hard time finding new work because of it. He’s got no money and is about to be homeless, oh, and he’s got a stepson who hates his guts. So when his meddling sister ropes him into a crazy scheme for him to pose as her co-worker’s fiancé to help her co-worker secure a much-deserved promotion, he really can’t say no. Seth knows Logan identifies as straight but he can’t help but be thankful he’s agreed to go along with this crazy plan. Logan’s messed around with guys before, but it was really just a means to an end and he never contemplated that it could ever be more. But spending more time with Seth has him questioning things and much to his surprise what started out as a fake relationship is starting to feel very real – to both of them.

Seth and Logan were very different people, if it wasn’t for this hair-brained scheme, I don’t think they would have ever been friends, let alone lovers. But that’s the magic of the holidays right? Seth helped Logan get in touch with a different side of himself and Logan helped bring Seth out of his shell a bit. It was also nice seeing Logan sort of find his worth again. The poor guy was really screwed over at his last job and it really did a number on him but helping Seth gave him some purpose and started to get him back on a good track again. My heart went out to Seth, he’d been cast aside by his family (in a really extreme way) when he came out to them and, not surprisingly, it left some scars. I enjoyed seeing Logan help Seth exorcise those demons, it was very touching. I thought their chemistry was sweet and also quite hot.

The story also pulled some real feels out of me when it came to the storyline of Connor, Logan’s stepson. Their relationship was quite tumultuous, understandably. Seth was new to the situation but he did his best to try to smooth things out between Connor and Logan. There was a moment toward the end which was a major turning point for all three of them which actually brought tears to my eyes.

It was a fun read and full of Christmas cheer!

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