Let’s Do This by Loren Leigh

“What’s, uh.” My voice is rough, cracking with uncertainty. “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know.” His smile evaporates, his heels coming back down on the floor. “But whatever it is, I kinda don’t want it to stop.”

I seem to be on a M/M hockey romance kick lately and I’m not mad about it! This book was such a feel-good read, it’s one of those books that just leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. I really enjoyed it. Friends-to-lovers is such a good trope, especially when done right. Shaw and Burk had the sweetest friendship and I love how simply they just transitioned into more. The title of this book perfectly sums up the story. They both wanted to explore their sexuality and they both felt safe with one another due to their close friendship so in their minds it was as simple as saying “Let’s do this” and then doing it. It warmed my heart how much they just wanted to be together. And yes, they had incredible chemistry and this book was full of spice but they were just as happy to snuggle and cuddle together as they were to hook up. It was adorable.

“Yeah? How do you seduce a Burkie?”

His voice is quiet. “You be Shaw.”

I’m grinning so widely my face hurts. “Shit, that’s all it takes?”

“For you, yeah.”

Shaw was probably one of the most easygoing characters you’ll ever encounter. He was always so happy and up for anything, it was impossible to resist his easy charm. Burk was a little more reserved but with Shaw, he was always able to just let his guard down and simply be himself. I loved their dynamic. I also loved the dynamic of their group of roommates/friends. They were all so supportive and it was great seeing how simple it can be to accept others without judgment. There were several things that skirted the edge of angst but the author mentioned that she wrote this book to be “a breath of fresh air” so it ends up being very low angst. I loved the last few chapters with the little time jumps to see how things turn out for them. Then do yourself a favor and click the link at the end to receive the bonus epilogue for a look even further into their future – it was beautiful and actually brought a tear to my eye. There was also a little line at the end of the author’s note saying we’d see more from Shaw and Burk and I hope that’s true because I really did fall in love with these guys. Don’t miss this if you enjoy hockey romances and are looking for a story that feels like a warm hug!

I’m falling for him. And I’m not going to run from it. I’m not going to shove it off as ‘just fun’ or keep calling it simple. 

There’s no one else I’d rather do this with. 

I’m glad it’s him.

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