Boyfriend Goals by Riley Hart

“When you feel like you don’t fit, just know you fit with me. I’m not sure if that helps or not. I do that with you. If I’ve said something awkward or someone looks at me strangely, I just think about what it’s like to be with you,” Milo said.

Gahh, this book was just the sweetest! Milo and Gideon were the cutest together and I had such a lovely time watching them fall in love. Milo Copeland, but don’t call him Mr. Copeland, finds out he’s inherited a bookshop and apartment in a small beach town on the other side of the country. He’s been looking for a chance to build a new life that’s all his own, outside the eye of his overprotective but well-meaning mother, and re-opening the bookshop in a brand new town seems to be the perfect way to do it. Turns out he’s also inherited landlord responsibilities for the tattoo parlor next door to the bookshop and the sexy owner of the tattoo parlor who also rents the apartment above the shops. Being on the autism spectrum, Milo knows he’s not for everyone. A lot of people don’t know how to handle his brutal honesty and treat him like he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. But Gideon Barlow treats him with kindness and respect from the very moment they meet. The friendship they form is instant and Milo is thrilled to finally have a best friend, and the fact that Gideon is super hot is an added bonus. Gideon has never met anyone quite like Milo before but he’s smitten from day one. Milo may have declared them “bestie goals” but Gideon wants nothing more than to convince Milo to graduate to “boyfriend goals” instead.

Milo was a delight, he was such a breath of fresh air. His self-awareness was commendable. After a whole life of being written off as incapable, he was set on proving people wrong and finding his own way in the world. Even though it’s not explicitly stated until late in the book, it’s clear from the start that he falls on the autism spectrum and as such, struggles with certain things that a neurotypical person may not. But I loved seeing him step outside of his comfort zone and work hard to build a life he’s proud of. Sometimes things work out great and sometimes not so much, but he never gives up and I loved that.

Gideon is charmed by Milo from the very first time they meet. He’s also struggled a bit with feeling like he doesn’t fit in so I think that part of him really related to Milo. I love how Gideon didn’t treat Milo differently, he just accepted Milo’s idiosyncrasies and showed him nothing but kindness and respect. Of course, Gideon wanted to protect Milo and he largely managed to do that while still allowing Milo to dictate what and who he was comfortable with. These two really were the sweetest.

This book also had a fair amount of spice but even that came off as adorable and sweet as Milo delighted in experiencing all his sexual firsts with Gideon and Gideon was happy to just go along with whatever ideas popped out of Milo’s head. It was a perfect blend of sweet innocence and ridiculously sexy.

I’m glad I came across a recommendation for this book over on Instagram, I had such a good time reading this book. I blew through it in less than 24hrs but I know I’ll be thinking back fondly on Milo and Gideon for days to come!

“You make me happy in ways I didn’t know I needed. You’re smart, kind, funny, and talented. You accept people as they are. You accept me, and you love me for it, for all those pieces of me that other people think are strange. You are…” He stepped in closer again, wrapping his arms around my waist. “My favorite person in the whole world…”

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