The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

It’s been a while since I’ve read a rom-com that’s made me actually laugh out loud as often as this one did! I’ve enjoyed all the books in this “series” so far but this book was by far my favorite of the three! Jason Orson is truly one of a kind, such a fascinating blend of a teddy bear, goofball, and alpha male. He cracked me up and made me swoon time and again. I really enjoyed the bit of role reversal we had in this one. Dottie was the hard-ass while Jason was the big softie. You don’t often find that dynamic but it totally worked for these two. I loved how Jason wore his heart on his sleeve the entire time, his vulnerability and honesty were so endearing. I liked seeing him work his way through Dottie’s tough exterior. Also, as much as I enjoyed our time at Brentwood in the first two books, I’m glad that this book was set when they were a bit older (and as a bonus we get to see what’s going on with Emory/Knox and Carson/Milly in the present day!). For the most part, this was a light and easy read but there definitely was a healthy dose of angst and it will tug at your heart a bit. Overall, this book was a homerun! Grab yourself a copy and fall in love with Jason Orson too!


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