Review! King of the Causeway (King #9.5) by T.M. Frazier

“No, Pup, your place isn’t behind me. It is, and has always been, beside me.”

Ready for a return trip to Logan’s Beach? Well, this novella is part treat for the fans and part set up for a new spin-off duet and all King series goodness. It’s been a while since Ray and King were the focus of the story so it was nice to revisit the couple where it all started so many books ago. They were still going as strong as ever and we get to see a glimpse into their expanding family all set with a backdrop of a dangerous storm barreling toward them. In addition to the storm, there’s also a threat to King’s status of King of the Causeway. That particular thread is what will tie into Pike’s story that is coming soon, I’m interested in seeing what that’s all about! In this novella, we also get to see a little of Bear and Thia and of course, Preppy is in the mix and my favorite part of the book!! Anytime Preppy shows up is going to be a good time! If you’re a long-time fan of the series, be sure to grab this short story and catch up with all your favs!


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