Reviews! Irresistible, Undeniable, and Insatiable by Melanie Harlow

Stay tuned for our review of the latest book in the Cloverleigh Farms series, Unbreakable. But in the meantime, check out our reviews of the first three books in this wonderful series from Melanie Harlow!


Things had moved too fast, and my feelings for her were running too deep. She was all I wanted, and I wanted her all the time.
How had I let this happen?

Former Marine and single dad, Declan MacAllister aka Mack, more than has his hands full trying to raise his three daughters and be successful at his job as CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. He barely has time to use the bathroom without an audience so he certainly doesn’t have time for a woman in his life, no matter how amazing the idea of finding some female companionship sounds. If there were anyone he’d want for that role it’d be Frannie Sawyer, she’s beautiful and so sweet but she’s also his boss’s daughter, ten years younger than him, and part-time nanny to his three girls. She should be completely off limits but Mack is unable to resist her for long and is shocked to find that she’s harbored a crush on him for a long time. Mack knows he can’t give her what she wants long-term but things are so good whenever they’re together that he goes against his better judgment and pursues her. But as the pressure of his job, doing right by his kids, and keeping their budding relationship under wraps mounts will Mack be able to juggle it all or will the only way to do right by Frannie be to let her go?

I’m not much of a “squee-er” but squeeeeeee!!! I LOVED this book! Single dad heroes are like my kryptonite and Mack was one of THE best that I’ve ever read. Right from the very first chapter, my heart went out to him. He more than had his hands full trying to balance everything but the way he was so devoted to his daughters and ensuring their happiness despite how hard things were for him totally melted my heart. I thought that the hecticness of his life was perfectly captured and his desire to just simply have some time for himself to feel like a man vs just Daddy tugged at my heartstrings. I loved seeing how unsure and vulnerable he was when it came to Frannie. She was so sweet and was so patient with him. They communicated so well with one another, there were no silly games, even when things weren’t going well, they were honest and clear with one another. I loved how easy going Frannie was without being a pushover. She loved Mack’s girls almost as much as he did and I just loved her relationship with them. These two had such great chemistry too, this was certainly a very sexy story! It’s also one of those books that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, it was so sweet and just so authentic feeling. I loved everything about this story and I’m excited for the next book in this new series of standalones!



We ran hot and cold, but we had history. We’d shared some unforgettable experiences, both painful and pleasurable. But beneath all the surface-level ups and downs was a bond that couldn’t be broken.

Chloe Sawyer and Oliver Pemberton were born two days apart and spent their youth and much of their adult lives pushing each other’s buttons and driving each other crazy. Over the years their dares ranged from jumping off a barn roof to much more adult activities, leaving a trail of broken bones and broken hearts in their wake. But despite the havoc Oliver always seems to wreak for her, Chloe can never seem to resist him which is why when he turns up again with an offer that could make all her professional dreams come true, she has a hard time saying no. Will this finally be their chance to get things right between them or will this be the dare that breaks them for good?

There’s something very fun about childhood friends-to-lovers stories, especially when they’re more like frenemies. Chloe and Oliver certainly had the frenemies thing down pat. They were both sort of the black sheep of their families, a little rebellious, and always looking to push the boundaries. I enjoyed the “then” chapters and seeing how they always butted heads. Oliver was kind of a jerk but he was your typical rich, playboy, especially when they were teenagers and in their early twenties. Chloe had a penchant for making bad choices, particularly when it pertained to men, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she kept giving Oliver chances even though it often ended in heartbreak. When Oliver shows up again looking to partner with her, Chloe is naturally suspicious but Oliver is set to prove that he’s for real this time. Of course, there are things that he isn’t telling her which could leave Chloe heartbroken once more. I thought that Oliver was a good guy but for much of this story he was still pretty immature and I’m not sure he fully atoned for everything he did over the years. I would have loved more groveling or even more resistance from Chloe. It started off pretty promising in terms of her making him sweat it out but I thought she gave in a little too easily. Especially after what happened the last time they did their little song and dance. By the end, I think that Oliver did exhibit some maturity and I loved how it all wrapped up, the epilogue was pretty great! Frannie and Mack from Irresistible, book one in the Cloverleigh Farms series, still takes the top spot for me but this book was still an enjoyable and easy read!

“Are you trying to make me fall for you, Oliver Pemberton?”
He grinned. “We don’t fall. We jump.”



God, I wanted her. I fucking wanted her. I’d never wanted anyone so badly in my entire life.
But did I want her badly enough to risk losing her?

How exciting to get to return to Cloverleigh Farms and visit with the Sawyer sisters again! I was wondering if Meg and Noah’s story would dethrone Irresistible as my favorite. It was close call, I think Mack and Frannie still win out but man, Meg and Noah sure were a lot of fun! I love friends-to-lovers stories and these two were just so sweet. They’d been best friends for nearly half their lives but they never crossed that line until Meg returns home for her sister’s wedding and they both happen to be single. Meg just got out of a relationship and lives halfway across the country and Noah has no interest in a relationship so it’s the perfect scenario to have a little fun while she’s home and then go back to their easy friendship afterward. Well, we all know how those things go and when romantic feelings inevitably get involved, things are going to get angsty! There were a few times toward the end there where I wanted to smack some sense into Noah but everything he did was true to his character and I enjoyed seeing him figure himself out. This was a fun read and I hope we get to return to Cloverleigh Farms again in the near future!


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