Tempt (Cloverleigh Farms #9) by Melanie Harlow

“Listen, I wasn’t looking for you. But when I saw you in that hotel bar, it hit me like a lightning strike—I had to have you.”

The Cloverleigh Farms series has been one of my absolute favorites over the years, I’ve enjoyed every return visit to this small town and this wonderful family. So I knew I’d love this book too but it turned out to be even better than I was expecting! It’s said that this was the last book in the series and if that’s true, what a way to end on! I devoured this book. It’s been a long time since I finished a whole book in 24hrs but I couldn’t put this one down from the very first chapter. Mille and Zach were everything and their chemistry was insane! The book was super hot but also so sweet. I loved literally everything about it.

Zach and Millie met at a hotel bar in NYC after both experiencing flight delays. Zach swooped in and helped extract Millie from an uncomfortable situation with a slime bag at the bar. They shared a drink and got to chatting, Millie was grateful to see that gentlemen still existed. Zach may have been a gentleman but that didn’t stop him from inviting Millie up to his room where they spent an unforgettable night together. They parted ways never expecting to see each other again but fate had other plans when Zach turned up at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding that Millie was the wedding planner for and was introduced to her as the father of the groom. It’s not ideal, sure, but not exactly a big deal, right? Well… given the fact the groom also happened to be Millie’s ex-boyfriend and the fact Zach only recently learned he even had a son and had been trying to earn his trust and respect, it’s kind of a big deal. After a hasty coverup in from of the groom, Mille and Zach later agreed that nothing could happen between them. The whole ex-boyfriend/son issues aside, there were a number of other obstacles standing in their way – like the fact they wanted different things out of life and that they lived halfway across the country from one another. But no matter how many times they tried to draw the line, one or both of them kept jumping right over it. The odds were heavily stacked against them but a connection this strong simply could not be ignored.

Millie and Zach had amazing chemistry from their very first encounter. Things got spicy in the first few chapters and kept going pretty much the whole way through! Let me tell you, I was here for the age gap too! Millie was 32 and Zach was 47, which is a considerable difference but Millie was old enough that it wasn’t weird or anything. It was actually quite hot. There’s something to be said for the confidence and experience that comes with age and Zach had that in spades! The way he cared for and supported Millie was so sweet and the way he treated her in the bedroom was very sexy. It was no wonder Mille couldn’t get her mind off him! But the thing I loved most? Zach was often the one doing the chasing! More often than not, when they would keep calling it off, he’d be the one to cave first. I LOVED that! Especially from someone who stated he wasn’t looking for a relationship or a family. Yet he never led her on. Both of them knew where things stood and went into things with eyes wide open. I loved seeing Zach reevaluate what was important to him as time went on. 

The forbidden aspect of their relationship gave the story just enough angst. I liked that the angst was sort of external to their relationship. Despite the fact that they spent much of the book sneaking around and stealing time to be together when they were together their relationship was so beautiful. They communicated well and had a really wonderful partnership. Again, I think a lot of that came from their age/maturity. It was refreshing and I really enjoyed it. Speaking of refreshing, I loved that Millie was plus-sized and felt so passionate about size inclusivity. I loved how motivated she was with her dreams in that regard and wouldn’t let anything stand in her way. She was a really great heroine!

It was also fun visiting with a lot of the characters from previous books and just being back in this world was cozy and familiar. I’m sad that this is likely the last time I’ll get to return to this world but it was a perfect book to end it on! 

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