That Forever Girl (Getting Lucky, #2) by Meghan Quinn

Yesterday we reminded you of where our love affair with Port Snow started with our review of That Second Chance.  Today let’s spend some time with Rogan Knightly. The first book may have been called That Second Chance, but this one actually was a really great second chance love story.

Check out our review below and stay tuned for our newest review of That Secret Crush, Reid’s book!!

…broken things offer new beginnings, and sometimes that’s all love needs . . . a new beginning.

Childhood friends turned high school sweethearts, Rogan Knightly and Harper Sanders shipped off to college together. They were looking at a bright future until one tragic night changes everything and Rogan pushes her away and breaks both of their hearts. He returned to their hometown of Port Snow, Maine to put his life back together again while Harper spent time all over New England trying to nurse her broken heart. Seven years later Harper moves back into town and Rogan doesn’t know how to handle it. Seeing her again stirs up all sorts of feelings but he doesn’t blame Harper for not wanting to even give him the time of day after the way he treated her all those years ago. He’s never really believed in the Knightly Brother’s broken love curse but maybe that crazy old lady in New Orleans was wiser than they gave her credit for. Rogan’s grown a lot over the years and now he’s ready to show Harper and win back his Forever Girl.

It’s so good to be back in Port Snow with the Knightly’s. I fell in love with this small town and these awesome brothers in That Second Chance and I loved finally being able to read more about the brooding and mysterious Rogan. He had quite the story to tell! If you love a good second chance love story then this will definitely be your cup of tea. It was almost like getting two stories in one because we got to see Harper and Rogan as they try to rekindle their relationship after all this time but we also got taken back to the early days when they morphed from best friends to more, plus all the ups and downs before their eventual demise. I really loved them as a couple, I never doubted their love for one another, even when they were basically enemies. Seeing young Rogan, who was so different from the man we’ve come to know, and then seeing him find his way back to that more open, carefree version of himself was really great. There were some surprises along the way, I never expected the reason for their original break up but it’ll tug at your heart for sure! In addition to the great love story, I also enjoyed all the small-town charm and the little mystery that carried throughout the book. And, of course, my favorite part was spending time with the Knightly brothers! I can’t wait to get Brig and Reid’s stories!!


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