Review! Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

“I wasn’t expecting to end the summer with a broken heart.”
Samson tilts his head, looking at me with complete candor. “Don’t worry. Hearts don’t have bones. They can’t actually break.”

Colleen Hoover has done it again! This was a beautifully written story of survival, growing up, and falling in love. Beyah Grim has not had the easiest life, growing up with an addict mother and a largely absentee father, she spent a lot of time fending for herself and doing whatever she had to just to survive. Having recently graduated high school she had plans to start college and finally get out of her hometown but a tragedy leaves her with no place to go for the summer. This is how she ends up at her father’s beach house on a peninsula in Texas. Her plan is just to lay low and get through the next two months so she can get on with her original plan. What she wasn’t expecting was to meet someone like Samson, her rich, mysterious neighbor who she is inexplicably drawn to. As she spends time with him, the mystery surrounding him only grows but she realizes maybe they’re not so different after all. They’re both leaving at the end of the summer so they agree to keep things casual but it doesn’t take long before they’re both in the deep end and when Beyah learns the full truth about Samson’s past, her plans for the future are suddenly in jeopardy.

I loved Beyah, she was such a strong character. I can’t imagine having to grow up the way she did but she always made the best of it. Her life may not have been the best but it was completely turned on its head when she had to go stay with her father and I thought she did a great job adapting to her new circumstances. I especially liked her relationship with Sara, it wasn’t easy for her to open up to someone but I thought the way their friendship progressed was really well done. The blossoming love between Beyah and Samson was also something really special. Samson was a big mystery throughout most of this book, he was a little broken and I loved how he and Beyah connected over that, even if she didn’t know the full extent of his story at the time. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect the twist but I loved how everything played out.

There were some surprises and a really sweet and special love story but I loved seeing Beyah come into herself and blossom when finally given some measure of stability and love. Colleen Hoover’s books have always been a delight for me and this book was no exception. She has a way with words that takes an ordinary story and makes it extraordinary. Also, the cover of this book is pretty awesome! I’ll definitely be grabbing a physical copy to add to my collection.

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