The Christmas Pact by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

For my next holiday read, I decided to go with another story from Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. I believe this was first released last year only in audiobook and was recently re-released for Kindle. This is the story of Riley Kennedy whose emails keep getting mixed up with Kennedy Riley, a guy who works in another division at her company. It wouldn’t be so bad except that Kennedy likes to read and provide his input on the emails he forwards back to her – and let’s just say he’s kind of a jerk about it. Luckily she’s never had to meet him. That is, until this year when the company throws a holiday party combining all its divisions. Naturally, Kennedy is gorgeous and maybe not the total jerk Riley thought he was which is why she takes him up on his offer to go home with her for Christmas to pretend to be her boyfriend to impress her mother, and in return, she’ll be his date to a wedding back in his hometown. Their plan is going smoothly until actual feelings get involved and things start to feel like more than just a Christmas Pact.

I have to say – I loved the set up with the mixed up emails. Very clever and I thought it was really cute. Kennedy was a big jerk in the emails but once they met in person, he wasn’t so bad. When they showed up at Riley’s mother’s house, it was amusing seeing the story Kennedy spun for her family’s benefit. Things were pretty light and fun during their visit to Riley’s family. Once they get to Kennedy’s hometown for the wedding he’s attending is when the drama shows up. I liked that twist too but there was a moment toward the end there where it seemed like Kennedy had a personality transplant to further the drama. It was kind of weird but I did enjoy the grand gesture at the end. Overall this was a fun novella. Aside from the fact that the book took place a Christmastime, it didn’t feel all that Christmasy but it was still a cute story!

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