The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn

I love reality competition shows and I love Meghan Quinn books so this book was a winner for me. It’s crafting goddess vs. divorce attorney as they battle it out on national television to create a winning wedding for their respective brothers. For Luna Rossi, it’s about giving her brother and his husband-to-be the wedding of their dreams instead of the courthouse ceremony they were planning. And for Alec Baxter, it’s about repairing his strained relationship with his younger brother, even though the thought of competing on a reality TV show centered around crafting and weddings makes him want to pull his teeth out. As Luna and Alec battle it out for the top spot, they find themselves also fighting their growing attraction for one another.

The premise of The Wedding Game show that they were competing on was a lot of fun, I kind of wished it were a real show. Luna and Alec didn’t get off to a great start and it was a slow burn to even get them on speaking terms, let alone have any romantic encounters but it was definitely worth it when they finally do get together. Alec has a lot of issues from his childhood that he’s trying to deal with as he tries to make amends with his brother and Luna is the support that he’s craved for so long. Their relationship is actually really sweet and I loved them together. There was plenty of humor that we come to expect from Meghan Quinn but there were also a lot of heartfelt moments that I really enjoyed.

The romance wasn’t the only thing going on during this story. It also emphasized the importance of family. Whether it was the rock-solid connection between Luna and her brother or the rocky one between Alec and his brother Thad, it really showcased the need we all have for strong family connections. My heart went out to Alec as he tried to patch up his relationship with Thad. I’m glad he had Luna on his side as he navigated that challenge. As much as I enjoyed the romance, I think I enjoyed the familial aspect just as much!

This book will make you laugh, make you swoon, and may even make you tear up a little but it was definitely a fun read!

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