Headstrong (Vino & Veritas 3) by Eden Finley

“So, a gay virgin walks into a bar and asks the straight bartender to be his wingman.”

Eden Finley is a new-to-me author and I’m so glad I took a chance on this book because I LOVED it! I was excited for the new Vino & Veritas series after learning about it at the end of Roommate earlier this year. I don’t read a ton of M/M but I always enjoy it when I do – so to have a dedicated LGBTQ series I can turn to, featuring a variety of authors, is super awesome! I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other titles.

But back to this book, I completely fell in love with Whit and Rainn! Despite their awkward meet-cute, I can see why Rainn was so willing to take Whit under his wing and help him find a guy. Whit was so adorably sweet and innocent, with a tendency to talk way too much, particularly when he was nervous. This eagerness proved to be a sure-fire way to scare potential suitors off. Whit’s known he was gay for several years but has only recently come out and is on a quest to lose his virginity. It’s too bad his new straight friend and self-proclaimed “wingman”, Rainn, is the only one he’s got eyes for.

I think I’ve only ever read one other bi-sexual awakening M/M story (and it just so happens to be my very favorite M/M book ever) but I must say that I really do love this dynamic. Especially when it’s done well, and this one totally was. I loved seeing grumpy ole Rainn start to develop feelings for the completely lovable Whit. It felt so authentic and natural. I truly believe that Rainn wouldn’t have discovered this other side of his sexuality if it weren’t for Whit. It just goes to show that gender really doesn’t matter when it comes to love, if you have a connection with someone as powerful as these two did, you can’t let that go to waste.

The sexual tension and the “will they” or “won’t they” were such a nice build-up to the main event. It got my heart all fluttery! I loved the journey of personal growth and the beautiful friendship that blossomed into more for these two. It was such a fun, steamy, and heartfelt read – I’d highly recommend it for fans of M/M romances or really just any romance fans in general!

This is not how the straight guy and the gay friend story usually goes.

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