Everything After by Jill Santopolo

Life was a blend of choices and not choices, things that we had control over and things we didn’t.

This book popped on my radar when it was released earlier this year, it sounded intriguing so I snagged a copy of the ebook from my library to give it a shot. Overall, I thought this was a good story, even if I wasn’t always thrilled with our heroine’s decisions/actions. Emily Gold is living a picture-perfect life – she’s working as a therapist at NYU, happily married to her husband, Ezra, and they’re looking to start a family. But a tragic event has long-buried things from her past colliding with her present and causes Emily to take a hard look at the trajectory of her life. Leaving her to have to decide between the safe, predictable path or taking a leap to pursue forgotten passions.

I enjoyed the way the narration was structured, alternating between the current day and the past which was given in the form of journal entries that Emily had written over the years. It flowed well but the pitfall was that we were “told” a lot about events vs actually experiencing them, which lessened the emotional impact this story could have had. I never got overly attached to any of the characters but it was pleasant enough to still want to see how everything turned out. There was a bit of a love triangle going on and it was this aspect where I had some issues with Emily’s actions. I won’t get into the details so I don’t spoil anything but I was upset with her on a few occasions during the later portion of this story. I was happy with how things turned out, even if things did resolve quite cleanly (especially given the mess that things were at one point).

Despite some of the problematic parts, the overall story was good and there was a lot more I enjoyed about the story than not and I’m glad I gave it a shot!

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