The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Well, this book was positively delightful! When I first came across it, I got Big Bang Theory vibes from the title and blurb. And while it didn’t turn out to be quite that nerdy, it still satisfied my nerd-loving heart. The premise was a fun twist on internet dating. Taking it up a notch from your standard questionnaires to find matches, instead, it incorporates genetic testing to find your soulmate. It’s a very intriguing concept! I can certainly understand why data and statistics loving, Jess Davis would want to give it a try. Being let down time and again in her life, she’s been hesitant to let anyone new in but GeneticAlly’s scientific approach to finding a match is something she can get behind. What she didn’t expect is to be matched with the company’s founder, River Pena, who she knows as the arrogant man who wouldn’t even give her the time of day when their paths cross daily at the coffee shop they both frequent. But not only are they a match their DNA also produced the highest number ever recorded. As they’re shoved together and presented as the new face of marketing for the company ahead of their big launch, will they overcome their mutual dislike of each other and discover that the science had it right?

This book had a really great cast of characters. Jess was hard-working, loyal, and a fantastic mother to her young daughter, Juno. She intentionally keeps her circle/support system small, in order to avoid being burned again. Her tribe mainly consists of her grandparents and her best friend (who was fantastic!), Fizzy. Despite busting her butt to make ends meet, Jess has a pretty good thing going and so it’s understandable why she’d be hesitant to bring River into the fray once they learn of their score. I loved getting to know River more, finding out what made him tick and the reasons he could come off as arrogant and aloof. If you’re into hot nerds, I think River will check all the boxes!

The story was mostly light and fun with a twist toward the end that created just a bit of angst. I wasn’t expecting the twist but I loved it. And I was really pleased with how everything turned out. If you’re looking for an easy, feel-good read, I think you should give this one a shot!

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