My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Ok so I know this isn’t a romance novel and not what we typically review here but Halloween is coming so… tis the season!

I’ll admit, I totally picked this book up because of its cover. I mean, just look at it – it’s pretty epic! Between the amazing cover and a tagline touting it to be a cross between Beaches and The Exorcist, there was no way I could pass it up, especially during “spooky season”. I only hoped the story inside matched how epic the outside was. Did it live up to my (totally arbitrary) expectations? Sort of. It wasn’t the most amazing story I’ve ever read but it was a really, really good one. I think I expected more in-your-face “horror” based on the cover and the blurb but it was actually more subtle. In some cases, this subtlety delivered some pretty terrifying and disturbing occurrences but in others, it just came off as your typical teen drama. Which was fine, just not was I was hoping for.

I was totally here for all the nostalgia, though! This book was an 80s kid’s dream with all the pop-culture and musical references. I’m about 10yrs younger than the characters in this story but I could still relate and recall many of the things they mentioned. Another strong point in this book was the friendship between Abby and Gretchen. I mean, there’s nothing quite like demon possession to put your relationship to the test! I think that the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in high school were captured perfectly but then amplified by the fact that one of them was quite literally possessed. It really was a fun read, even though it wasn’t everything I was expecting I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it!

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