Review! Serendipity (Bayou Magic #3) by Kristen Proby

We’ve finally arrived at the grand finale of the Bayou Magic series. Daphne gets her story and her and Jackson round out “the six” who are prophesied to be the only ones who can defeat an ancient evil who has been torturing her family for centuries. Will they be successful this time and will Daphne and Jackson finally find the happily ever after that alluded them in their younger years?

I read the first two books in the series, Shadows and Spells, last year so this conclusion has been long-awaited! Daphne and her sisters had been able to temporarily defeat the evil force that’s been stalking them for years but until now they hadn’t figured out how to completely vanquish him. Now that Jackson Pruitt has returned to town, however, the time has finally come. Brielle and Millie had found their mates in the first two books but Daphne needs a mate in order to round out “the six”. There was never a question that her heart would go to Jackson Pruitt. He was the only man she ever loved and the only man who ever broke her heart. But now that he’s back, with his sights set on her, she’s finally ready to open her heart to love again.

All three of these books basically had pre-ordained love stories and I actually liked that aspect. It allowed you to just enjoy the romance without worrying about silly drama getting in the way of that. These sisters had far bigger things to worry about and knowing that their relationships were solid allowed the reader to focus on the bigger picture – defeating this ancient evil and saving all their lives.

This book was as spooky and disturbing as the previous installments, the evil they are facing is truly heinous and Kristen Proby does not skimp on the gory details at all! I loved seeing this whole group working together to figure out what it’ll take to finally defeat him. The Six are strong together but it’s going to take all the help they can get to finally bring him down so we were treated to a bunch of familiar faces as they joined in to help. I thought this was a really good ending to this series, including a really touching epilogue!

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