The Bachelor on the Shelf by Jana Aston

The last installment in this round of Reindeer Falls novellas features Carter Sheppard, a pro baseball player who returns to his hometown after his uncle passed away and left Carter his dog in the will. His brothers inherited a house and a farm and he gets the dog. But it’s not all bad because it gives him an excuse to interact with Lexi, the cute town librarian who’s bonded with Rudy, Carter’s new pet. She’s hesitant to give up the dog but Carter’s got a proposition for her – she agrees to pretend to be his fiancé to help him secure an endorsement deal and in exchange, he’ll let her keep Rudy. But the holiday magic in Reindeer Falls may have more in store for this duo.

I really enjoyed all these stories, Reindeer Falls really is a magical town and it’s just a lot of fun getting swept up in the holiday spirit. I will say, it took me a little bit to warm up to Carter. He came across as a jerk and a player at first but before long we saw his true colors and I thought he was sweet. I loved Lexi the whole time though and thought she was delightfully awkward when it came to Carter. I loved how things turned out for them and I actually suspected the little “reveal” we got toward the end. There was also a really cute epilogue that gave us updates on all three couples from these novellas, so if you’ve read the other two, definitely read this one too so you’re able to see how everything turns out!

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