One Night with a Nutcracker by Jana Aston

A big-city lawyer, Jake Sheppard, returns to his hometown of Reindeer Falls to check out the farm he inherited from his uncle. He’s got big plans to turn it into his dream golf course but he’s surprised to find a woman in an Airstream trailer squatting on his land with her herd of goats. Sutton may not have any claim to the land she’s been living on for the past few years but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go down without a fight. Jake’s used to facing challenges but he may have met his match with the sexy, free-spirited goat farmer! 

This was another fun jaunt in Reindeer Falls! A little enemies-to-lovers action to spice things up. I loved Sutton and her goats! Adding goats to anything instantly makes it more fun. I love that she had absolutely no rights to that farm but she still fought for its if it were hers. Jake really didn’t know what he was in for when he stumbled upon her little set-up. They may have started out as a hate-bang but they ended up being really sweet together. Now it’s time to see what Lexi and the last Sheppard brother, Carter, have been up to in the next book of the series! 

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