The Reunion by Meghan Quinn

In many ways, this year has been a train wreck so far. One thing that’s been an exception to that trend? The books I’ve been reading this year! I’ve been on a roll lately with some pretty amazing reads and The Reunion by Meghan Quinn kept that trend going. I loved this book! I haven’t met a Meghan Quinn book that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed but she really outdid herself with this one. It was unlike any romance I’ve ever read. We got not only one, but three love stories told concurrently through SIX (!!!) points of view! Yes, six! And they all blended together seamlessly to create a really special and unique story.

The Chance siblings, Ford, Cooper, and Palmer, are reuniting to throw an anniversary party for their beloved parents. It’s been years since the three of them have spent any meaningful time together and it doesn’t take long for them to remember why that is. Ford has been in Denver, burying himself in running the corporate end of his family’s outdoor equipment store. Palmer has been traveling the world, making a living by sharing her adventures on social media. And Cooper, the middle child, has been left behind to care for their aging parents amidst his own failed marriage while stuck in a job he hates. There’s a lot of history and baggage between the siblings so things aren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows when they come together to try and organize this party. One bright spot of this nightmare of a reunion is that they all find themselves with budding romances. But if they can’t manage to get past their sibling rivalries their parents aren’t the only ones they’ll wind up disappointing and their new relationships may be over before they get a chance to really begin.

I had read The One Night novella earlier this year which was sort of a prequel for this book. It’s not required reading but it introduced us to Nora, Cooper, and his parents, Martin and Peggy. It gave us a glimpse into Nora and Cooper’s one night together a year before the start of The Reunion. It did a great job setting the stage for what was to come and I fell in love with both Nora and Cooper. So of the three romances, I felt most invested in theirs but I really enjoyed Ford and Larkin’s story as well as Palmer and Beau’s. All three Chance siblings were very different and their love stories were each unique and perfect for them. It’s pretty amazing how Meghan Quinn managed to bring to life six distinct voices in one book. There was never a time when I got into a chapter and questioned “now who is narrating this one?”, each voice was clear and well developed.

The romances were sweet and fun to read but the real highlight here was the family dynamic between the Chance siblings and their parents. Martin and Peggy Chance were standout characters in their own right. They loved their children more than anything and only wanted their happiness. There was never a doubt that each of the kids loved their parents but it was sad seeing them let their personal differences basically sabotage their attempt to do something special for them. I loved seeing their journey to try to heal not only their own issues but their relationships with one another as well. It may have taken some drastic measures but when it comes right down to it, family is the most important thing, and it was really beautiful seeing the Chance siblings realize that. I finished the book with happy tears in my eyes, this one really got me in the feels! It also had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. The saga with the cake flavors was classic and I could not stop laughing about it! Grab yourself a copy of this book to find out for yourself what I’m talking about!

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