The One Night by Meghan Quinn

This was a quick (7 chapters) novella that provides the backstory for 2 of the characters in Meghan Quinn’s upcoming book, The Reunion. Even though it wasn’t very long, it was still packed with all the humor, heat, and loveable characters that you’d expect from a Meghan Quinn novel. I loved Cooper and his adorable parents, having them come along to act as his wingmen was just hilarious. Cooper and Nora were also really good together but of course, the fact that she was his ex-wife’s best friend means that there is sure to be plenty of angst to come when their story continues. Personally, I’m very excited for The Reunion to release. If you haven’t heard, it’s going to be 3 separate love stories (told from SIX different points of view) all in one novel! It sounds like it’s going to be pretty epic and I’m definitely grabbing a copy as soon as it comes out!

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