The Last Person by Jewel E Ann

This was a novella you could get for free through Jewel E Ann’s newsletter. I love everything I’ve read from her so, of course, I scooped it up. It’s a quick read, only requiring an hour or two of your time, and overall it was a fun read. There was a lot of heat, plenty of funny banter, and loads of Jewel E Ann’s signature angst. I had a love/hate relationship with our heroine, Anna Black. I loved her inability to truly resist Eric but her obsession with him not liking her favorite novel was frustrating. It all makes sense in the end but geez, I wanted Eric to turn and run in the other direction several times throughout this short story! I did like the growth Anna experiences toward the end, though, and the epilogue was fantastic. One thing I wasn’t torn about was my love for Eric Steinmann! He was amazing! He was funny, sexy, and so persistent in his pursuit of Anna but also knew when to call her on her crap. He was the full package, I would have loved more chapters solely to get to see more of Eric. This may have been a short novella, but it had all the goodness you’d expect from a Jewel E Ann novel and if you can still get your hands on it, you should grab a copy!

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