Brushed With Love by Fearne Hill

What do a reclusive, anxiety-ridden author and a massive, outgoing Viking have in common? As it turns out, not much at all – but oddly enough, that’s what makes their pairing work so well. Clement Constantine Church wrote a best-selling novel as a teen but has been floundering with a follow-up ever since. He’s making a living ghost-writing for other people and spending the rest of his time panicking about everything else in his life. Things get much more interesting (and arguably more stressful) when Ragnar Aleksander Sigurdson Eggebraaten – aka Eggy – shows up at his doorstep from the company he hired to re-paint the walls of the cottage he inherited. Eggy’s a beautiful specimen of a man, a Viking through and through. And though Eggy’s flirting game is strong, Clem knows it wouldn’t be wise to fall for someone like him. For one, Clem thinks Eggy is straight and even if he was into guys, he’s pretty sure they aren’t anywhere in the same league. But Clem may be in for a surprise when he realizes Eggy’s true sexual preferences. Will these complete opposites find love with one another or will their differences be the thing that ultimately tears them apart?

Fearne Hill is a new-to-me author, I’m not even sure how I came across this book but I’m glad I did. It was a really sweet and funny romance! There was a bit of angst but overall it was pretty light and a lot of fun to read. I loved Eggy straight away, he was such a ball of sunshine. He had a bit of a Thor vibe going on, with his unbridled confidence and of course, the whole Viking thing. He’d had a tough life but managed to pick himself up and make a pretty good life for himself. It took me a little longer to warm up to Clem but once I did, I loved him too. It was fun and heartwarming watching Eggy deal with all of Clem’s eccentricities and insecurities. Once Clem let down his “posh” facade, you really got to see how vulnerable and normal he was. As I mentioned at the start of the review, these two came from very different worlds but their differences balanced one another so nicely and it was just really sweet how they cared for each other. They also had some smoking chemistry! Eggy sure knew just what to do to bring Clem out of his shell where that was concerned. 

I very much enjoyed this story and I’m guessing the second book is going to be about Eggy’s best friend, Fifty, and I’m looking forward to reading that when it’s released! 

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