What Lovers Do by Jewel E Ann

I loved everything about this book! It was so much fun, it had a fresh storyline and terrific characters. There was plenty of angst while still providing countless laugh-out-loud moments. I love basically anything Jewel E Ann writes but her rom-coms are some of my favorites and I’m definitely adding this one to that list!

From their very first (semi-disastrous) meet-cute, the chemistry between Shep and Sophie was palpable. Shep’s instantly intrigued with the sexy eye doctor and really wants to get to know her better. Too bad for him, though, Sophie’s taken herself off the market indefinitely for a reason she’s not willing to disclose. But it’s hard to resist Shep and his charm so they strike up an unconventional friendship instead. Although, as time goes on, their definition of “friendship” may be stretching the boundaries just a little. When Sophie’s secrets are finally revealed, will Shep be able to set his past aside in order to keep her in his life for good?

Oh man, I loved Shep so much. He was such a good guy. Friendly, kind, and funny – he’s the type of guy everyone loves. He was totally smitten with Sophie from the very first time they met and I enjoyed his pursuit of her. Even when it seemed hopeless, he was still all-in. I did feel bad for him at times being perpetually stuck in the friend zone. Especially when we learn more about his failed marriage. I was really just rooting for him to find his perfect match – and it was obvious that Sophie was that match for him.

Sophie’s situation was wild. That’s the best way I can describe it. She had a few VERY good reasons for removing herself from the dating pool and I get why she couldn’t/wouldn’t tell Shep why. That poor girl had her hands full with one of the situations and my eyes bugged out of my head several times as things just got crazier and crazier with that situation. Did I wish she would share the burden with Shep? Sure. But did I understand why she wanted to insulate “Shep World” from the craziness that was her life? Definitely! Everything is revealed in due time and I really enjoyed how everything played out. The last few chapters were so sweet and the epilogue actually made me a little misty-eyed. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful book!

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