Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting

London Spark is out with her sisters celebrating her newly single status when a very hot and charming man pays for their drinks and asks her out. She’s flattered but not looking to start anything new and politely turns down his offer. London knows she needs to keep her focus on helping to build up Spark House the inn/event venue that she owns with her sisters. This is why when a multi-million company calls them up a few months later and wants to bring Spark House into their new partnership program, she jumps at the chance. To her surprise though, the owner and CEO of this company, Jackson Holt, turns out to be the same guy she turned down at that bar a few months earlier. Their chemistry is undeniable but now that they’ve established a working relationship, Jackson isn’t keen on starting anything until their professional obligations come to an end. When it does though, he’s all in. But when someone as high profile as Jackson starts turning up at social events with London on his arm, people are bound to talk and Jackson’s secretive past begins to come to light making London question everything between them.

I enjoyed this story, I have to say that I liked it more than the first book in the series too. I liked When Sparks Fly but there were a few things I didn’t totally love but this book was sweet and loaded with swoony romance. Plus the chemistry between London and Jackson jumped right off the page. From their very first interaction, it was undeniable. I loved the tension between them as they fought their attraction while they worked together, it made the payoff that much more satisfying when they were able to finally act on their feelings. Jackson was a really great guy. He made a few dumb decisions along the way, even if he wasn’t totally aware of it but it just made him more realistic instead of this perfect millionaire hero. London was sweet and a little quirky, I could definitely relate to her when she’d get anxious about certain aspects of her job and her need to be ultra prepared for meetings. I loved that she continually stepped outside of her comfort zone though and I felt bad for her that she was so busy being strapped to Spark House that she wasn’t able to focus on her true passions. I enjoyed seeing her fight for that freedom as much as I enjoyed her fighting for her relationship with Jackson. This was just a really sweet romance with relatively low drama and likable, believable characters.

I look forward to whenever Harley’s story is released next!

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