Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Knox Morgan is not into relationships or complicated, high-maintenance women. In fact, he usually runs in the opposite direction when he encounters one. This is why he surprises even himself when Naomi Witt blows into town and he finds himself helping this runaway bride whose evil twin stole her car and all her money before leaving her with an 11-yr old niece she never knew she had (you read that right, pretty much any crazy thing that could happen to Naomi happened within the first few chapters). Once he can make sure she’s going to be alright he plans on leaving her alone and returning to his peaceful life. But trouble seems to be following Naomi wherever she goes and Knox just can’t seem to stay away. Will he be able to keep her and her niece safe while also keeping his heart safe from falling for her?

I’m going to start by saying this book was LONG, almost 600 pages long! It probably could have been a few hundred pages shorter, but overall, I still enjoyed it. I always like a grumpy hero and Knox definitely fit that bill – some might even say he was too grumpy at times. But it was fun seeing Naomi worm her way into his heart. I very much enjoyed the fact that Naomi didn’t put up with Knox’s crap. Even from their first meeting, on arguably the worst day of her life, she didn’t cut him any slack. Plenty of antagonistic banter going on between these two! It was sweet seeing glimpses of Knox’s softer side and he certainly made one heck of a protector for Naomi and Waylay. Of course, he ultimately was a stubborn man who made some dumb decisions toward the end and I wanted to smack some sense into him. It all turns out ok in the end but be prepared for some frustrations before you get there!

I enjoyed the small-town aspect of this story. The gossip mill was very busy and very amusing. There was a big cast of secondary characters and they were a lot of fun. Naomi fit in very well with the locals and I enjoyed seeing her build a life there. I particularly liked Knox’s brother Nash, he might have been my favorite so I’m hoping we’ll get his story before too long! Either way, if you can get past the intimidating page count, this book had a lot to like!

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