Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson

Word of the day: Smitten – deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or infatuation.

In true Ethan and Anders fashion, I thought it was fitting to sum up my feelings for this book with a word of the day. I think smitten is a great way to describe how I felt while reading it, I loved every second of Ethan and Anders’s love story! I enjoyed both of these characters when I first met them in Love Always, Wild but I had absolutely fallen in love with Ethan so I was very excited to see that not only was his book next but that he was paired with Anders. I was very curious to see how these two ended up together because they had never even met in the first book. But this story delivered on everything I hoped for going into it and I was actually sad this morning when I realized I was finished because I loved spending time with these guys!

If you had read Love Always, Wild you’ll remember both of these characters. Ethan was a friend of Jax and a really great support to him while Jax was struggling with coming out to his very conservative family in their small FL hometown. He was the sweetest guy and his crush on Jax was adorable, there was actually a brief time during that book where I shipped him and Jax (but now I think everything worked out how it was supposed to in both cases). And then Anders was Wilder’s agent and friend with benefits. Wilder had never gotten over Jax so he couldn’t give Anders his heart despite the fact that Anders wanted a real relationship. Even though Wilder never made false promises, I still felt bad for Anders with how it all played out.

The prologue of this book shows us when Anders and Ethan met for the first time and it was not what you’d call a meet-cute! Anders got caught putting his foot in his mouth about something important to Ethan and Ethan was literally caught with his pants down at an inopportune time. It really set them off on the wrong foot and these first impressions carried through to when Ethan found himself working for Anders as a way to make some money before he started school in a few months. Anders was cold and kind of stuck up toward Ethan but Ethan wasn’t the type to back down from a challenge and the little glimpses he saw when Anders lets his guard down was enough to make him want to see what else was underneath those fancy suits he hid behind.

There was a real enemies-to-lovers thing going on here. I loved the bickering and barbs thrown by each of them. Their email exchanges were so good! We got to see them butt heads while also seeing Anders shell crack open little by little. When they finally got together, their chemistry was amazing! Of course, they were super hot together but I also loved how supportive and open they were with each other. Once they finally went all in, their communication was great and they were just a great source of strength for the other. It was very sweet to see. Ethan was messed up due to the way his last relationship ended and Anders still had some issues after the whole thing with Wilder, he didn’t want to be someone else’s rebound guy. But they were open about these fears and I think they were much stronger for it.

Overall this book was very low angst and I appreciated that. There were a few scenarios I concocted in my mind that could have thrown a wrench in things but I’m glad none of them came to pass. There were a few hiccups toward the end but don’t fear, this one will go easy on your heart. I also enjoyed how much of Wilder and Jax we got to see in this one. Ethan was important to Jax but I loved seeing how close he and Wilder had become too. It was just a lovely story with a really adorable epilogue that suited these guys perfectly! I hope we get to see more of them in the later books in the series because I already miss them.

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