So Not Meant to Be by Meghan Quinn

If you’ve read A Not So Meet Cute you’ll already be familiar with Kelsey and JP. Kelsey Gardner was Lottie’s sister and runs her own organization business which has partnered with Cane Enterprises run by the Cane brothers, including JP Cane. Kelsey’s sister took up with JP’s older brother, Huxley, in A Not So Meet Cute and it was evident in that book that JP was smitten with Kelsey from the get-go. When this book starts we see that even though JP was into Kelsey, it didn’t appear the feeling was mutual. Kelsey loves love and is looking for a serious relationship. JP thinks he may be willing to give her that but in Kelsey’s eyes, JP is just a player and only out looking for a good time. Will JP be able to convince her otherwise or will he just reaffirm her belief that they are so not meant to be?

First of all, I loved JP! In the first few chapters he may come across as a jerk but we soon find out that it’s just a defense mechanism and once we get to know him better it’s clear that he’s a really amazing guy. In A Not So Meet Cute, Huxley was very hard to get a read on for much of the book but it’s clear pretty early on that JP has a good heart and that he really has it bad for Kelsey. He was attentive and observant and demonstrated time and again how much Kelsey meant to him, even if he didn’t verbally communicate his feelings for a while. This leads me to Kelsey… I was less impressed with her character. I know she was looking for Mr. Right but her “quest” left her so blind to what was standing right in front of her. Not to mention how basically everyone else was telling her how much JP was into her! She clung to these baseless assumptions about JP’s character and refused to see how hard he was trying to get her to see him as more than a friend. I felt so bad for JP on multiple occasions as Kelsey shoved him further and further into the friend zone.

Once she finally opened her eyes, things were good between them. They had great chemistry and I loved seeing JP so happy to finally have the girl. Of course, there was some drama toward the end but I think it ended up being more of a “thing” than it needed to be (thanks to Kelsey, of course). But I loved how it all wrapped up and that epilogue was just the cutest. I seriously loved JP so much! If you’re looking for more Lottie and Huxley, they appear a lot in this one, so that was fun. Although, do sisters really talk that much (and in that much detail) about their sex lives with one another?! That kind of weirded me out. Anyway, if you’re into enemies-to-friends-to-lovers and forced proximity stories with a very swoon-worthy hero, this might be right up your alley! Oh! And if you can, check out the hardcover illustrated edition. I read this on my Kindle but I purchased the hardcover and looked through the illustrations after I finished and it’s such a cool experience to see the book “come to life” like that!

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