Blindsided (Harris Brothers World #2) by Amy Daws

It’s been almost exactly 4 years since I finished reading the final Harris Brothers book and a little over 3 years since reading Payback, the first in the Harris Brothers World spinoff series. Within moments of starting this book, it was like being wrapped in a warm hug as I was reunited with one of my favorite book families ever. It felt like I had never left and I loved being swept up in this world once more. I’m sad it took me so long to finally read this book, I hadn’t realized how much I missed these characters until I started it.

I actually picked this one up now based on a recommendation from a friend who’s been going wild reading Kindle Unlimited books. When she mentioned this one I was tickled that she found her way to the Harris Brothers! I immediately told her to go back and read the original series because they are not to be missed. She’s since read and loved them all (I mean, how could you not? They’re amazing!). But I digress… this book features Maclay “Mac” Logan, a star footballer, and Freya Cook, a nearly 30-yr old virgin and seamstress who works for none other than Sloan Harris. They’re an unlikely pairing but have become the best of friends in the year since they met. After a particularly embarrassing game of Never Have I Ever, it becomes clear to Mac how inexperienced Freya is. And it’s not just that she’s never had sex, but she’s apparently incapable of even speaking coherent sentences in front of men she’s interested in. Wanting to help out his best mate, Mac offers to be Freya’s love coach. He’ll teach her a thing or two about how to talk to men and even offered to help her out with her pesky virginity problem. This new dynamic in their relationship stirs up all sorts of new feelings and they’re both about to find out why everyone always says not to fall in love with your best friend.

I thought this story was super cute. I really enjoyed the opposites attract thing they had going for them. Freya was plus-sized and had some body image issues that never allowed her to consider the possibility that someone like Mac could ever be attracted to her. I loved seeing Mac prove her wrong and he was always really great at helping her build her confidence and realize her worth. Freya’s inexperience was a little cringy at times (all I have to say is “The Sex”) but I think that was intentional and I thought it was a cute little quirk of hers. She certainly blossomed under Mac’s tutelage and her inexperience really wasn’t an issue for very long! Mac was a lot of fun, he was a crazy Scot but he was also such a sweetheart. He was also loyal, almost to a fault when it came to his family. I just thought that he and Freya were really good together, their “fights” were always amusing and they had great chemistry. There was a bit of angst and it was actually quite sad at times. But it had such a great ending and I loved the epilogue (and bonus scene you can get at the end!). Plus, getting to spend any amount of time with the Harris family is guaranteed to be a good time. I’m excited that there are still 2 books left in this world that I haven’t read and you can bet that they’ve moved their way up my TBR!

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