The Boyfriend Comeback by Lauren Blakely

Of all the guys in this city, why did I have to fall for my rival?

I’m just going to come out and say it – this book was awesome, I loved every single second of it! Lauren Blakely never disappoints. I’ve loved her other M/M romances but I think, of the ones I’ve read, this one takes top spot. Jason and Beck were everything. Both men were just amazing and they were so good together – incredible chemistry both as rivals and as lovers. I  was rooting for them from the moment I met them in the prequel novella The Boyfriend Kickoff. This is one of those books that you want to read as fast as you can because it’s that good but at the same time you just want to slow down to make it last as long as possible.

Jason McKay and Beck Cafferty are both quarterbacks for rival teams in the same town. Out of all the people they should become romantically entangled with, it shouldn’t be each other. Their team owners, teammates, and fans would probably revolt if they knew that these men were hooking up on the sly. Only, their hookups end up turning into so much more and while they’re playing up the rivalry angle for the public they’re busy falling in love with one another behind closed doors. Now they’ve got to figure out how on earth they can make this forbidden relationship work because neither one is prepared to give up the other.

I think one of the things I loved most about this book was the low drama factor. There were certainly high stakes and the forbidden romance aspect was so well done but Lauren Blakely let that be enough to fuel the conflict. Any challenge Jason and Beck faced, they faced together, they were truly a team. I loved how they supported one another. Jason was very outgoing and had an easy public persona, Beck struggled with the spotlight and had issues with anxiety but they balanced each other so well and looked out for one another, each in their own way. It was really sweet and tugged at my heart time and again. There’s plenty of swoon to be found in this story and let’s not forget the scorching chemistry between these men. This book had plenty of heart and heat to please any romance lover. 

I also loved this “world” where professional football players can be out and proud and are treated just like any other player. I know we’re pretty far from that in real life but it’s nice to imagine a world where that could be true. I’m looking forward to future books in this series, starting with Limited Edition Husband which is set to release next Spring!  Fingers crossed that we get to see some Jason and Beck cameos too! 

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