Turn Me On by Lauren Blakely

This book has been sitting on my kindle for a few months now but I kept getting sidetracked before I could get to it. Well, I finally had an opening and was craving a steamy, easy read and I knew this book would deliver. Turns out I was right! I was hooked from the beginning and ended up loving Zane and Maddox’s love story! Lauren Blakely always delivers on the steam while still giving us a good story that’ll tug on your heart, and this book was no exception.

Zane Archer is an up-and-coming major league baseball player who is looking for his big break with a sponsorship that’ll supplement his earnings to help him secure his family’s future. Enter Maddox LeGrande, the newest agent and lawyer at the sports agency that represents Zane. Maddox is assigned to represent Zane and finally pull in the deal that Zane’s been dreaming of. There’s an instant attraction between the two men but there are strict rules against agents, particularly ones who are also lawyers, entering into relationships with their clients. Making any sort of relationship between the two men forbidden. They do their best to resist the temptation, flirting with crossing that line time and again. Ultimately, their attraction will not be denied and as they give in to their desires they have to figure out what they’re willing to give up if there is any hope of staying in each other’s lives.

The chemistry between these two was insane. From their very first meeting at the bar to every interaction thereafter, the heat between them leaped from the pages. Their verbal foreplay was just as hot as when they actually do get physical. But they also had really sweet chemistry and I loved how they opened up to one another as friends and confidants along the way. Zane was young but he was confident and charming and knew exactly what he wanted – from life and from a lover. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately since Maddox was technically off limits, Maddox wanted exactly what Zane had to offer in the bedroom. Maddox loved when his man took charge and that’s exactly what Zane wanted. They really were perfectly matched, it’s just their pesky working relationship that stood in the way. I love the way it was all handled though, them flirting with the line, wondering when they’d finally cross it, and waiting for the other shoe to drop once they finally did. It was a lot of fun and super sexy. There was a bit of angst toward the end, but it fits perfectly with the story and I loved seeing how it all played out. 

I love M/M romances and I love Lauren Blakely’s books so when you combine the two – you really can’t miss in my mind! 

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