Colin by Cora Rose

God, I want him. I want him to stay the night, want him to enter me slowly and then hold me afterward. I want him to stay. To pick me. 

Pick me, Ethan.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that’s made me squee but…. SQUEEEEEE!!!! This book had absolutely everything I look for in a romance – it made me laugh, made me swoon like crazy, it was insanely hot, and there was an adorable single dad and a grumpy Brit who was actually a total softy. It checked all the boxes for me. And to think, I accidentally stumbled upon it scrolling through Instagram the other day. I’d never read anything from Cora Rose before so I haven’t read any of the other books in this series but aside from a few recurring characters, it absolutely reads as a standalone. But now I’m excited to go back and read the earlier books because if they’re anything like this one, I know I will really enjoy them.

Colin is a single dad to his young son, Daniel. He’s devoted his life to being the best father he can be and he’s been doing it alone ever since his good-for-nothing ex-husband left them. He wouldn’t trade his life with Daniel for the world but being a parent is hard work and there are times he wishes he had a partner to help carry the load and to help him let go of the control he’s had to cling to. His new neighbor, Ethan, would be a good candidate except that Colin is pretty sure Ethan hates him. The last thing Ethan wants is a relationship, not after his ex ruined him years ago, but even though his neighbor infuriates him with his relentless cheeriness and sexy smile, he cannot deny the intense attraction he feels toward him. What starts as a dirty game from across their window suddenly morphs into more the night Ethan shows up at Colin’s doorstep. Between the magic Ethan weaves in the bedroom and the way he treats Daniel with such kindness, Colin is dangerously close to falling in love with him. But Ethan knows that Colin can’t afford to take a chance on someone like him, not when Colin’s got a kid to consider. Will these crazy new feelings he’s experiencing be enough to get Ethan to reconsider or will he end up throwing away what could end up being the best thing to ever happen to him?

When I tell you I loved this book, I mean I LOVED this book. Right from the first chapter with poor Colin’s date falling asleep on him to his sexy rendezvous with his neighbor/mortal enemy once he gets home. Things got off to a killer start and just got better from there! If you’re looking for spice, this book has that in spades!  Colin and Ethan rocked the love/hate thing. Their feud over that darn weed was hilarious and their chemistry in the bedroom was out of this world! They were perfectly matched in terms of their sexual tastes and I loved the balance there. No matter their issues with having an actual relationship, their chemistry and mutual attraction were never a question.

The thing that really took this book over the top for me, though, was the single-dad aspect. I’m a total sucker for a single dad hero and watching him find a romantic partner that ends up loving their kid as much as they do. My heart squeezed at just how badly Colin wanted a partner, someone who would choose him and Daniel. After so many failed dates he was fully convinced that it just wasn’t going to happen for him and it made me so sad. I loved that he at least found some sexual satisfaction with Ethan but then we start to see these little glimpses of how wonderful Ethan was with Daniel and the little ways he takes care of both of them and my heart melted into a puddle on the floor. Ethan may have been grumpy and bossy but he had such a big heart and was a total softy when it came to Daniel. It was so beautiful to watch and even more so to see how touched Colin was whenever he witnessed these moments. I’m swooning right now just thinking back on it. 

There was a little bit of angst surrounding Ethan’s reluctance to enter into another relationship but it was all handled so well. There was never unnecessary drama and they communicated pretty well. There were a few misunderstandings early on but they just resulted in some pretty funny scenes rather than silly drama. I think it helped that they were a bit older (both in their 30s), I actually appreciated that they were both mature characters. I don’t know, I feel like I want to gush about this book forever! It was such a fun book, sweet, sexy, funny, and will have you swooning for days. I can honestly say it’s one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while and will definitely be a top read for me for 2023. I already miss Colin and Ethan, I hope they turn up in future books! Meanwhile, maybe reading some of the earlier books in this series will help cure the book hangover this one gave me!

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