Whit by Cora Rose

A few months back I read Colin, the latest standalone book in Cora Rose’s Unexpected series, and loved it so much that I went and put the earlier books in the series on my TBR. Whit is the first book in this series and is about Caleb and Whit who are basically strangers but have recently become roommates after Caleb answered an ad that Whit posted looking for a roommate. They are opposites in every way, with Caleb being outgoing and overly friendly and Whit being quiet and mysterious. Caleb can’t help but be intrigued by Whit, though, especially when Caleb starts to feel things toward Whit that he’s never felt for another man before. When given a chance, Caleb goes all in with Whit, despite the fact he’s never been attracted to men before. Whit slowly begins to open up to Caleb but he’s still keeping secrets that have the potential to break both of their hearts.

I liked this book, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed Colin. Despite being part of the same series, the two books felt wildly different. My understanding is that most of the other books in this series are more like Whit than Colin. The start of this book was a little chaotic for me. The first chapter felt like I had been dropped into a story partway through. Caleb and Whit were already roommates at the start, we get a few comments about Caleb’s initial feelings toward Whit and then something happens that causes Whit to have to care for Caleb. And this sets off Caleb’s infatuation with Whit. But I think the book may have benefitted from a few chapters that show us how exactly they came to be roommates and how things were between them before Caleb suddenly needs to be around Whit 24/7. After I got past that and settled into the story more, things got better and I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop.

I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a character who was more eager than Caleb was. My lord, that boy was THIRSTY! Once Whit gave in to Caleb’s advances, there was a lot of sex. Caleb truly could not get enough – and I’ll just say that he had a very impressive refractory period. I swear there was one part where he received like 5 hand jobs in the span of 30 minutes (that may be a slight exaggeration, but it’s pretty close). Anyway, most of the sex scenes were pretty hot, but it did become a bit much after a while. Caleb was also a cuddler, it was cute how he always wanted to be snuggled up with Whit.

Whit is a bit of a mystery for a lot of the story. Most of the book is from Caleb’s POV so we know something is going on with Whit but we don’t really know what. I wish we had more scenes from Whit’s POV, but I was glad to see we had at least a few. A lot of Whit’s backstory is pretty dark but it all takes place off page so it’s not too bad. I did guess what his big secret was before it was finally revealed. It gets angsty but we aren’t left hanging for too long. I would love to have gotten a scene toward the end there from Whit’s POV showing us what he did to resolve the issue.

We meet a lot of characters in this book who are featured in some of the other books of the series. I’ll admit, seeing how they were in this book has me intrigued. Anyway, despite the few things that didn’t totally work for me, overall I enjoyed this story and whenever I get around to reading some of the other books in this series, hopefully Caleb and Whit will pop up in them!

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