Scandalous Scotsman by M.J. Fields

This was my first foray into the Cocky Hero Club. I love Vi and Penelope’s books and thought it was cool they were opening up their worlds for other authors to play in. Looking at the list of the most recent batch of releases in the “club” I thought this story sounded fun and it was a new-to-me author so I thought I would check it out. Of course, this book tied into one of the few of Vi and Penelope’s co-written books that I haven’t read – British Bedmate – but that’s ok, it just makes me want to go back and finally read it! In any event, this did turn out to be a fun and flirty read. It was pretty quick too, I think I read it in only 2 sittings.

Dr. Ethan Stewart was definitely a Scandalous Scotsman. The first few times we meet him, he was kind of a jerk but it doesn’t take long for him to grow on you. Lizzie was quirky and had a sort of innocent charm about her that I enjoyed. I thought the two of them were sweet together. The banter was fun and there was plenty of heat. While most of the story was light, there was a touch of a heavier story, just enough to give the book substance. There were parts that kind of gave me whiplash and the last few chapters felt a little rushed, but aside from that, this was a perfectly enjoyable story. It really hit the spot for a quick, light, summer read!


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