The Modern Gentleman by Meghan Quinn

“I swear you’re too good to be true.”
“I think that about you every goddamn day.”

What a delightful story! Meghan Quinn never fails when it comes to delivering the laughs and this book was no exception. When we first meet Wes, aka The Modern Gentleman from a popular dating advice column, he’s in pretty rough shape because he messed up and lost his girl. From there we’re taken back to the start and get to see how Wes got so twisted up over June Lacy and it was such a fun ride. We soon find out that Wes is not quite the polished gentleman that his column makes him out to be. When presented with the challenge of wooing June he turns into an awkward goof and it couldn’t have been more endearing. June was such a fun heroine and I LOVED how hard she made Wes work for it. You’ll be in stitches as Wes tries to win her over.

I loved the narration in this book. The majority is told from Wes’ POV and each chapter begins with an excerpt from his advice column but we do get a chapter and another scene from June’s POV. The part I found particularly enjoyable, however, was they continually (especially June) broke the 4th wall and “spoke” directly to the reader. It makes you feel like these characters are sitting beside you relaying this tale. It was just a lot of fun. This story was pretty short, especially for a Meghan Quinn book, but it was packed with so much rom-com goodness. You’ll fly through it and be left with a smile on your face! I don’t know if any of the secondary characters will ever get their story, but if they do, I’m so here for it!


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