The Naughty, The Nice and The Nanny by Willa Nash

‘Tis the season for holiday novellas! This year I’m kicking things off with this new series from Willa Nash (Devney Perry’s other pen name). The first story features the eldest Holiday brother, Maddox. The billionaire, single dad who’s returned to his hometown for the holidays and is in need of a temporary nanny to help with his precocious seven-year-old daughter. Enter Natalie Buchanan, nanny extraordinaire who’s harbored a crush on Maddox Holiday since high school, though she’s sure he never even knew she existed. Playing the nanny finally gets her on his radar but will this Christmas be the one to finally make all her teenage dreams come true?

This story hit all the marks for me. I love a single-dad hero and Maddox was top-notch. For some reason I expected him to be cold or grumpy, maybe it was the billionaire thing, but he was so down to earth and warm. He was the sweetest father to Violet and always had her best interest at heart, even if he struggled to juggle parenthood and his entertainment empire. I thought he and Natalie were so cute together, he was clear in his pursuit of her and I loved how she played off his advances. There was a really nice balance there. And there was just enough festiveness to help get you in the holiday spirit. I’m excited to continue the series with Heath’s book up next!

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