A Partridge and a Pregnancy by Willa Nash

I’m a little sad that I’m already finished with all the Holiday Brothers novellas. The stories aren’t all that long so it doesn’t take long to finish but I really enjoyed all these brothers and wished I had a bit more time to spend in this world! The final story is about Tobias Holiday, Heath’s twin brother, and Eva – his college sweetheart who broke his heart several years earlier. When she came back to town briefly for work they spent one night together and now Tobias is shocked to find Eva standing on his doorstep singing a silly song announcing that she’s pregnant. The news sends Tobias over the moon with happiness until he realizes that she’s set to leave for London in a week’s time – leaving their future completely up in the air.

Once again, the previous books in the series hinted at the setup for Tobias’ story – basically, we knew that his ex showed up at his door telling him she was pregnant and that she was moving to London after the new year for work and that he was really torn up about it. So it was nice to finally get the full story. Even though this was a short novella, I liked how much backstory/history we got on Tobias and Eva. They had been through a lot together and it was clear that there were still strong feelings even though they had been broken up for years. I enjoyed seeing them navigate this new challenge of impending parenthood and how they could possibly make it work seeing how they’d be on opposite ends of the world. It’s one of those scenarios where you know someone is going to have to compromise if they have any hope of being together but as a reader, you aren’t sure who you want to be the one to have to give up something. I will say, I was really pleased with how things worked out at the end of the story! It made all the angst leading up to it more than worth it!

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