A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

Lottie Gardner is down on her luck when she hatches a half-baked scheme to troll the wealthy neighborhood next door, looking for a rich husband. She ends up running into Huxley Cane, a billionaire businessman, who is actually in search of someone to be his fake fiancé after he stupidly opened his mouth to a potential client and said he had a pregnant fiancé to help him seem more relatable in order to secure the deal. She’s only half-serious about her plan but when he propositions her over chips and guacamole, she has to admit that it might be the answer to her problems. Reluctantly, she agrees to his terms but they soon find out that they may both be in over their heads when their fake relationship starts to feel very real.

I thought this was another fun read from Meghan Quinn. She definitely knows how to bring the laughs, some of the situations Lottie and Huxley found themselves in were completely ridiculous but highly entertaining. In terms of romance, it was a bit of a slow burn. I’d venture that quite a while these two didn’t even like each other – if you’re a fan of bickering and loads of push and pull between the hero and heroine, this is the story for you. As Lottie’s sister points out, there is a fine line between love and hate and they definitely straddle that line quite well.

I don’t know if it was just me but I got major Fifty Shades vibes while reading this book – without the red room and without a meek heroine. The billionaire plucks a “regular” girl from her life and wraps her up in his lavish lifestyle, complete with a binding contract and a domineering and broody hero. If Fifty Shades were a rom-com, it would be this haha. Huxley was very hard to read at first, he ran so hot and cold. I can see why Lottie was so combative all the time, I wouldn’t know what to do with him either. But when he showed his true colors every so often, he was a really good guy. One thing’s for sure, Lottie and Huxley had no shortage of chemistry. This book had a good deal of spice, their constant clashing erupted when they made it to the bedroom.

Overall this was a fun and light read. There was a bit of angst toward the end but nothing compared to some of Meghan Quinn’s other notorious break-ups. The epilogue was the best, though. It was the perfect way to end this story! Also, I just have to say, I am in LOVE with the cover of this book. It’s just so fun and the visual for Huxley is perfection. Kudos to the cover designer on this one!

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